Our vision

Company Brokers is focussed during all phases of the process of transferring a business We do not write heavy reports, we drive the proces towards the preferred goal: The Successful Transfer of Your Business! This we do discreet and committed with a personal touch.
We are convinced that our job is, above all, managing peoples expectations. The transfer of a business often is an emotional process. As broker we have the important roll to smoothen the different obstacles that may occur during the process. In order to be successful we strongly believe in the need to support the entire process as well as keeping all stakeholders focussed.

Our values

All members of Company Brokers are indoctrinated with the values being essential to our clients as well as ourselves, thereby striving for the best possible result.


  • Decisive to achieve our clients goals
  • Entrepreneurial & committed to make the deal happen
  • Leading through the whole process
  • Keep it simple
  • No cure – No pay


  • There is a solution to every challenge
  • Matching the right people


  • Thorough knowledge of the market, the stakeholders and the process
  • 2 partners per assignment
  • We are an active member of the branch organisation BOBB
  • Close collaboration with accountants and lawyers
  • Discretion


  • We are for 100% focussed on Mergers & Acquisitions
  • We have over 19 years of experience in finishing business transfers
  • We have thorough knowledge of all stakeholders, processes, markets and opportunities
  • We operate in The Netherlands and Internationally

Your partner

  • We build our relationship on mutual trust
  • We recognise that our business is, above all, a business where people make the difference
  • As (ex-)entrepreneurs we speak the ‘same language’