Company Brokers is a company specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions . We have 5 brokers and a management assitant. Decisiveness and efficiency is key in our organisation
Our brokers are seasoned professionnals, (ex) entrepreneurs who had their own SME company or managed important positions in multinational companies. They almost instandly understand your business and your goals.

Company Brokers works as a team. This means a.o. that 2 brokers are being assigned to the same project. Yearly we complete ca. 20 deals. Together with our network of lawyers and accountants, Company Brokers is able to offer support in all area’s of your business transaction.

Willem van den Hoek Ostende

Willem, founding partner of Company Brokers, is actively involved in brokerage services since 2001. After a very complicated closing of the sale of his company in 2000, Willem became aware of the crucial and important role a broker plays in the successful completion of a business transfer.
Strong nerves and determination are his strengths that also made him win his spurs in racing.

Bas van den Engel

Bas is partner in Company Brokers since 2011. This after a long career in a Dutch multinational company as M&A specialist and Divisional CEO. Bas leads seller and buyer to a solid transaction. This with a.o. strong analysis, patience and a solution-oriented approach.

Radboud Vaarhorst

Radboud has over 20 years of experience in sales at various levels and as well by small and large companies. He comes from a real entrepreneurial family. As a result, knows better than anyone what entrepreneurship means. And is therefore also able to think as a entrepreneur. Analytically very strong and knows how to find the question behind the question. Solution-oriented, but also commercially oriented. And above all a people manager.

Paul van Geldorp

Paul’s experience ranges from sales and marketing positions in IT companies to consultancy and interim management in business services. He holds masters degrees in both linguistics and marketing, and over the last years he supported many business owners facing market challenges in growth, focus and strategy. He strives to be creative and resourceful on one hand while keeping track on progress on the main issues.

Maickel Gommers

Since 1995 Maickel has positioned serveral commercial and operational management roles within the IT industry. Futhermore has has guided many organisations with their change management or sales improvement challenges as an independent consultant, so he knows how organizations really tick. Maickel is enthousiastic, driven, focussed on the result but always hands-on and pragmatic where possible. Problems are there to be solved and if there is a way, he will find it.

Julitta Hogenes

Julitta is part of the Company Brokers team since 2012. Julitta gives support through out the entire business transfer process, organises the buyer search, handles the administration and receives our customers and candidates with care.