Company Brokers assisted many entrepreneurs selling or buying a company successfully.
Below you will find a selection of our deals. For privacy reasons, the companies are listed anonymously. Feel free to contact us for more information or references.

Please be informed that no deal is equal. Many different conditions may influence the outcome of the deal (a.o. in- or excluding real estate, stocks, goodwill, subordinated loans, earn outs etc.)

Deals with transaction ammount up to € 500.000

Manufacturer of Luxury garden furniture€ 820.000
Webshops Wooden toys€ 528.000
Wholesaler Shoes with care€ 150.000
Webshop Motorcycle Accessories€ 240.000
IT company desk- and network support€ 330.000
Webshop Cosmetic Articles€ 1.300.000
IT company€ 450.000
Motorcycle Specialty Products€ 500.000
Purchasing Services Company€ 2.500.000
Agency Skincare Products€ 300.000
Wholesaler Metal Tools€ 300.000
Wholesaler Machinary Equipment€ 700.000
Specialist Cosmetic Articles€ 1.500.000
Wholesaler Technical Equipment€ 1.600.000buying support
Webshop Gift Articles€ 400.000

Deals with transaction ammount from € 500.000 up to € 1.000.000

Consultancy Company working mainly for Government€ 462.000
Solar Energy Company€ 2.100.000
Supplier of Food Ingredients€ 1.300.000
Wholesaler Building&Construction materials including manufacturing€ 2.000.000
Wholesaler Technical Equipment€ 1.600.000
Consultancy Company Human Resources€ 2.000.000
Wholesaler Minerals & Gemstones€ 1.250.000
Camping Norway€ 200.000including real estate

Deals with transaction ammount from € 1.000.000 up to € 2.000.000

Installation Company€ 3.000.000
Healthcare Company€ 2.000.000
Wholesaler Meat, Fish & Poultry Products€ 6.000.000
Cardealer€ 5.000.000
Manufacturer Furniture€ 4.500.000buying support

Deals with transaction ammount from € 2.000.000 up to € 5.000.000

Wholesaler for Car parts€ 2.300.000buying support
Projectmanagement Company€ 3.500.000
Manufacturer Furniture€ 3.500.000
Wholesaler for Car parts for classical Cars€ 13.000.000
Manufacturer of Leather Accessories€ 6.000.000including real estate
Manufacturer of Veterinary Medicines€ 6.500.000
Tire Specialist€ 4.000.000
Transport & Logistics Company€ 4.000.000

Deals with transaction ammount from € 5.000.000

Electrical Engineering Service Provider€ 9.000.000
Wholesaler for equipment for Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes€ 12.000.000
Wholesaler for Car parts with international distribution network€ 13.000.000
Manufacturer of Food Products€ 35.000.000
Manufacturer of Bread Products€ 35.000.000
Export Company for Flowers€ 9.000.000
Sign producing Company with multiple locations€ 16.000.000
Webshop Electrical equipment for Households€ 40.000.000