Company Brokers is a company of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Mostly we act on exclusivity. Payment is based on ‘No cure – No pay’. This means that cost remain limited during the process. Company Brokers will stay focussed on achieving the goal. During the process, our customer will have no financial risk as well as that discussions, about the work performed, will have no financial impact.
However, Company Brokers will have startup cost. To cover part of these cost as well as having the commitment from the client, Company Brokers will charge a startup fee. See it as an investment from both parties to achieve the same goal. The startup fee is € 5.000,-, which, after finishing the deal, will be subtracted from the successfee.


Our commission is based on the final transaction amount. This final transaction amount may include complementary conditions and agreements between our Client and the Buyer(s) or Investor(s). Examples of complementary conditions are a.o. an earn out construction, leae agreements and in- or excluding real estate. In all possible cases Company Brokers will discuss with our Client the final transaction amount.

The following fees are applicable:
• 5% for transactions up to € 1 miljoen
• 4% for transactions from € 1 miljoen thru € 5 miljoen
• 3% for transactions from € 5 miljoen thru € 10 miljoen
• 2% for transactions above € 10 miljoen

Above mentioned percentages are normative, but, in certain cases, can be deviated from.

Also a fixed fee can be discussed.