You wish to acquire a business, may want to expand your current business or want to become an entrepreneur to run your own business?

These decisions will have an important impact on your daily routine. Good advice and skillful guidance through an expert will help you to effectively reach your goal.

Our seasoned brokers are former entrepreneurs. They speak ‘the same language’ and have the expertise and experience to drive all people involved towards the same goal. 

We do not write bulky report, but focus on the intended outcome, the acquisition of a business. Discrete, decisive, personal and reliable.



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In The Netherlands approximately 15% of all entrepreneurs have the intention to sell their business. Next to the fact that many businesses are for sale, there clearly is a great interest to become an entrepreneur.
Although buying a business needs an investment, surveys show that 95% of the businesses bought is profitable from the start. Next, for companies acquired it often means more focused growth and a strengthening of their market position.

As a start we offer you already a shortlist of the businesses for sale within our portfolio. This portfolio is updated frequently.

Advice and support

If needed, we can advice you in finding the right business. We constantly search for market opportunities, will identify the targets corresponding to your criteria and will assist you during the entire process of matching, negotiating and closing of the deal


Our services include finding the adequate financing. Through our network we have multiple entrances within banks and equity funds to provide you with additional capital.

Next, we can assist you to find alternative financing solutions such as via the sale and leaseback of assets, factoring, pay rolling and crowdfunding. 

Our fees are based on No cure – No pay!