Investing & Participation

Company Brokers offers the possibility to invest your money in successful companies. As we assist many buyers and sellers in acquiring or selling a business, we meet many entrepreneurs. They not only wish to finance the growth of their business, but also appreciate having an associate or business partner. 

Finding the right financing remains difficult. A potential buyer often lacks sufficient  equity and as such additional financing is necessary. Although, with the current low interest rates, financing via a bank is advantageous, strict regulations often limit the amounts banks are prepared to supply.  

Our strength is matching the investor or business partner with the right company offering the following possibilities:

Investing to

  • Support  entrepreneurs financing the growth of the busines

  • Support entrepreneurs acquiring a business

  • Obtain a healthy return on your investment

Participation to

  • Support and advice young entrepreneurs starting their own business

  • Support and advice entrepreneurs growing their business 

  • Eventually cash your participation via an exit-scenario 




Capital and know-how

Your business is doing well and you are planning to expand. Besides financing you often need additional expertise and experience. You might consider a business associate.

There are many professionals with a successful track record, who can support you financially as well as with managerial support.  These professionals are searching for the right business as well as the right person to share their know-how.